The Signature

The Signature

with Tiina Wilén

In 2023, clients are not buying services or products. They buy experiences.

A client experience is everything that happens from the first touchpoint to the last, and then
some. It starts when a potential client enters your ecosystem, either by responding to one of
your ads, maybe visiting your store or showroom, aimlessly scrolling through social media
and seeing your post, or by a recommendation from someone they know.

To be able to command premium prices and become the one and only choice for your clients, all your touchpoints need to be excellent.

Another thing true in 2023... the cookie-cutter approach to business no longer works. Just because someone has been successful with certain tactics, it's unfortunately not a free ticket to your success.

And you know it.

What does work, and has always worked is this: Doing things YOUR WAY.

It's about defining your uniqueness, and it covers every-single-touchpoint-your-business-has-with-your-clients-partners-and-messengers.

That's why, you need to design YOUR SIGNATURE.
With the right marketing, you will...

Become the First Choice

You know you are brilliant at what you do. You know you bring amazing results to your customers. It's time you become the one and only your potential clients want to work with or buy from.

You can become the first logical choice for your clients, even if you're a beginner. It's about having your signature messaging, assets, and processes that you leverage to attract the right clients and sell with confidence.

Hi, I'm Tiina. I created this program because I know so many business owners lack the strategies and tools to elevate their brand and client experience. 

The concequences:
inconsistent sales, stressful deliveries, and marketing as a afterthought. 
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Tiina Wilen is a leading premium positioning, business modeling, and systemization expert helping design + wellbeing professionals and brands grow without sacrificing quality and wellbeing.

She holds a Master of Science in Systems Engineering, Bachelor in Business, PMP® (Project Management Professional) Certification, and multiple diplomas in interior and graphic design. She spent nearly 15 years in the corporate world as an IT & Management Consultant, Product Manager, and Global Process Manager, where she was responsible for multi-million euro offshore operations and delivery performance leading global teams of over 300 software engineers and IT professionals.

She has worked as a CEO managing international brand launches, manufacturing, and distribution processes, and is now the CEO and principal strategist at Avenue and the publisher at Trilingual Tiina is originally from Helsinki, Finland and now lives in the Swedish countryside with her family of 4 humans and one spoiled Staffy.

She believes premium positioning and systems are the key ingredients to growing a spectacular, elegant business without headaches. 

After launching her first business in the home decor industry and growing it quickly to sell in 17+ countries through partnerships and strategic distribution networks, Tiina saw that many small business owners, particularly in the creative fields, lack solid systems  and processes that allow big companies to scale. Tiina and her team are now on a mission to grow profits, impact, and joy for small business owners worldwide.

Premium Brands do Things Differently

(but it goes way beyond the "high price, sleek logo and pretty images")

They understand the true value they bring to their clients. They know exactly what levers to pull to make clients respect, trust & choose them.

They focus on building the future business by creating strategic assets that increase the company’s value, operational efficiency, and personal joy.

They design and consistently optimize the systems and processes that improve the client experience and acquisition, free up capacity, and increase profits.

Successful premium brands and businesses know how to attract and delight clients to make a profit - financial and emotional

With the right systems, you will...

Build a Profitable Business

Let's stop the hustle and build a business that runs like a well-oiled engine. A business that is profitable - financially and emotionally. A business that is scalable. A business that is as elegant on the back-end as it is on the front-end.

A well-systemized business with the essential assets allows you to spend your time doing what you love, and with the ones who matter.

Let's Design & Implement Your Signature Elements

Every element you need to elevate your experience, attract more clients, and grow your business without sacrificing your life in the process. 

Your Signature Brand Elements & Assets

Why this matters?

Your signature style needs to be well-defined and recognisable, and your brand aesthetics, messaging, and assets need to attract the right clients.

Your Signature Method & Process

Why this matters?

The process is the way you deliver your excellence.

This is critical in becoming the one and only choice, and making your clients trust you as a professional or company. 

Your Signature Product / Service Offers

Why this matters?

Your signature products/services are what your company becomes known for.

With the right offer portfolio, you can grow and scale with ease.

Your Signature Marketing Systems

Why this matters?

Marketing is the second most important activity in any business.

Done right, and your pipeline is full. Done wrong, you waste tons of time and money.

Your Signature Sales Systems

Why this matters?

If marketing is the second most important activity, sales is the most important.

You need to become comfortable inviting people to work with you.

Your Signature Visibility Systems

Why this matters?

Become known in your industry requires strategic and consistent visibility activities (which you can automate easily).

With the right tools, you will...

Find Selling Easy and Joyful

You know that avoiding sales will not take you to your goals. Being a business owner means we need to engage in sales activities, whether we like it or not. 

Here's a tiny secret about sales: 

Professionals buy from professionals.

If you want to attract premium clients to your business, you need to become comfortable inviting them to do business with you.

The good news: 

Selling with confidence is so simple, once you learn how to design your signature sales process. Let's get started and increase your sales with ease!

Let's design and impelement the 7 critical steps of your Signature Client Experience so you can attract the best clients through social media, paid advertising, and partnerships, enroll them into your services with ease, and deliver the delightful touches that make your clients fall in love with you over and over again.

Milestone 1


Design your signature marketing system to attract the right clients with ease.


You Attract the right people to your business every day.

Milestone 2


Design your signature inquiry system. 


You make inquiring your services simple, seamless, and an automated process.

Milestone 3


Design your signature enrollment system. 


You turn prospects into customers with confidence. Remove fear / uncomfort from your sales.

Milestone 4


Design your signature onboarding system.


You ensure smooth, joyful, and profitable customer deliveries. Less Headache. More Joy.

Milestone 5


Design your signature delivery system.


You have a systematic and professional value delivery with the delightful touches that make your clients trust and love you. 

Milestone 6


Design your signature offboarding system. 


You turn customers into passionate advocates and recurring revenue.

Milestone 7


Design your signature brand building system. 


You leverage your most successful client projects to get publicity and build a strong brand.


**12-week access to Avenue Membership (not a Facebook group) incl bi-weekly live coaching calls & tech implementation labs, and a possibility to ask any questions, anytime.

Let me help you with implementation! 

** Start when you are ready to implement

You can join the program anytime, and once you feel you need the support, just kickstart your 12 weeks in the Avenue Membership with access to calls & support. (needs to be started within 6 months from your enrollment)


  • Automated Authority Booster - the 1$ / day automated Facebook / Instagram advertising system setup to turn your business to a local or national superhero. This is the exact setup we use when our clients want to remain on top of their future clients' minds - NO EXPENSIVE MARKETING AGENCIES REQUIRED!
  • Instagram Organic Powerhour - learn the tactics big brands use to make sales on the 'gram. We cover searchability, how to optimize your account, and what to post to level up your IG game. Also, what tools to use to automate your social media!
  • Brand Assets Design - learn the 5-step brand design process to elevate your brand.
  • Price Your Offers for Maximum Profitablity & Joy - learn how to think around the front/back end offers and how to price for profits and joy! 
  • Power Positioning - position your business as the best thing since sliced bread for the right ones. Even if you're a beginner!
  • Client Experience Templates to complete your signature client experience. Easily customizable with Canva (free tool).
  • NEW - Launch a Digital Product - Learn how to turn your skills to a digital product that sells anytime.
Pay in full: $897 / Pay in 3 months: $347 per month
Normal price $1997 | flexible payment options available | + ev VAT
With the right assets, you will...

Elevate Your Brand Experience

Save tens of thousands on brand & graphic design fees - we will help you design your signature brand elements. Get also our 100% customizable Signature Client Experience Kit as a bonus so you have all the necessary sales and marketing assets ready in no time!

No graphic designers or skills required.

No monthly fees or expensive software needed.

Fully customizable templates with simple instructions.

Some of the Assets I have Included in this Package

All the templates are easy to customize using - a free tool you can use online to create professional brand materials. I also guide you through how to use Canva!

Canva is a free tool you can use to edit all your templates

Very simple to use - no design skills needed!

Change language, fonts, colors, and copy to match your business

I've created instructions you can watch as many times as you need

With the right processes, you will...

Become a Premium Business

Premium brands and businesses deliver exceptional quality, and they do that in a systematic way making sure the client feels heard and respected through the whole process.

Premium businesses enjoy better profits. Premium us easier to sell. Premium businesses have happier clients & team members. Premium brands enjoy more visibility and publicity.

 Enjoy More Profits, Impact, and Joy.
Pay in full: $897 / Pay in 3 months: $347 per month
Normal price $1997 | flexible payment options available | + ev VAT
I'm a beginner with no business yet, can I join?

Yes, you can join if you're ready and willing to build a business right from the start.

But, you need to know what you are selling, atleast on a theoretical level. 

I'm NOT a beginner, is this too basic?


A typical Avenue client / student has been in business for 5-10 years, has a good revenue, and is ready to level up their profits, impact, and have more free time. 

This is designed for them in mind, but with so comprehensive guidance that even beginners can follow along. 

I'm so bad at tech... will I be lost?

Nope. That's the exact reason we created this, to untangle the tech jungle. We are excellent at explaining complex stuff so that it makes it easy to understand and implement. 

WARNING: you might even start to enjoy technology... it happens to our members all the time!

I need to redesign my website, brand, social media etc... Should I wait with this until after?

My question: 

Do you prefer to build a house without a blueprint or design the blueprint before you build the house? 

I thought so.

We cover the exact things your new website, brand assets, and social media need. 

With the tools we have created for you, you will have a complete strategy for your new brand assets. 

You can provide the complete plan including the tools you need to get the website you need and deserve. 


I want to create a digital product, will you help me to do that?

YES! It's part of our bonuses. 

How long is the program?

The program is 7 comprehensive projects + bonuses. You can access it as long as you need.

You will also get a 12-week access to the Avenue Membership with bi-weekly calls and a possibility to ask any questions inside the training portal. 

Can I get future updates?


Can I get translations to my language?


We're working on translations right now, let us know your preferred language and we will try to prioritize it!

What does "Start when you are ready to implement" mean?

We decided to add a 12-week access to our membership platform where we offer live coaching and implementation calls. 

The great news is this: you can start the 12-week membership the moment you join the program, or go through the program by yourself first, and then join when you need more help! 

Maybe you're entering your busiest season now, but want to to secure your spot before we increase the price?

Join now and implement when you have more time. 

Whenever you are ready, you can activate your 12-week support inside the portal. 

This provides you with great flexibility and possibility to secure your spot at the current rate, even if you need to postpone your participation a while. 

Please note that you need to activate your membershgip within 6 months from your enrollment. 

What else do I have to buy?

Naturally, putting together your Signature Systems will require some tools, so you will need to invest in tools to make it work.

However, we will cover many alternatives that work for all budgets, from free to paid!

What happens after the program?

You can continue working with us or not.

The most important is this: you finally have your Signature Systems in place and bringing you customers with ease. 

Can I access all the materials at once?

Of course! The bonuses will be available after you have completed the guided program.

What's the guided programming?

As part of your experience, we have created tools for you that help you organize your development. 

You get

- a project plan to complete the whole training

- 10 weeks of step-by-step instructions what we do each week + timely guidance

You can choose to follow along or just tailor your own path. 

I'm building a design company, product business, online courses... This works?

Yes, yes.

We help you put together your own client experience system, so unless you decide not to actually implement it, of course it works!

We are particularly specialized in building an EXPERT business, and how you want to deliver your expertise, that's up to you.

If you do the job, our systems and strategies work for your business.

You need to be ready to build it though. 

What's your workshop schedule?

Workshops on Thursdays. We alternate the hours to suit all timezones.

How much time will it take?

A few hours a week. But you can go through the materials at your own pace.

I really don't have time...

That's okay, join the program now and go through it when you have time. 

NOTE: this is right now offered at an intro price. We will increase the price soon, so the sooner you join, you can secure the 55% off, and access it anytime, including the future uppdates and bonuses. 

How much access do I have to my coach?

You will meet your coach at the workshops and Q&A calls, and inside the training portal.

Who is my coach?

Tiina Wilen, the founder of Avenue.

Can I get a refund?

Of course. If you don't like this, we are more than happy to refund your money within 7 days from your purchase.

What happens after the purchase?

You will get a receipt from us that you can add to your accounting. 

You will also get an invitation to log into our training portal and get started with the program.


This is a consulting & coaching service with EU VAT...

If you are a Swedish company  --> VAT will be added.

If you have a valid EU VAT number --> no VAT is added.

If you are an EU company without a VAT number --> VAT will be added.

No business yet & in EU? --> VAT will be added.

UK --> no VAT is added.

If you're outside of EU VAT zone --> no VAT is added.

If this is confusing, please check with your accountant :)

More questions?

Send them to me and I will get back to you!

Pay in full: $897 / Pay in 3 months: $347 per month
Normal price $1997 | flexible payment options available | + ev VAT

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